Sights of K’NOSSOS Chapter VI

Following the lowest geographical point in the adventure visited in Chapter V the penultimate section of the game features the great Assembly Hall of K’nossos as well as one of the lavish mansions situated in the living quarters of the Read the rest

K’NOSSOS Chapter V Assets Completed

As I sat down to write this update I checked the date – (almost) 23 August, which makes it three months to date since the last major update. That also makes this batch of assets the one we produced the Read the rest

ΠΕΡΣΈΠΟΛΙΣ Γ (Persepolis Gamma) @ YouTube

Originally written in February 2010. as a required piece for chamber string ensemble during my 3rd year as a student of undergraduate composition program under mentorship of professor Milan Mihajlović. Revised for the guitar ensemble during recording sessions in 2019. Read the rest