K’NOSSOS Chapter V Assets Completed

K'N CH5-04 Featured

As I sat down to write this update I checked the date – (almost) 23 August, which makes it three months to date since the last major update. That also makes this batch of assets the one we produced the fastest which is quite a feat in its own right, given that nothing much was done between the end of May and early July.

K’NOSSOS Chapter V – Crypt, Plaza

In other words, the sites you will visit in Chapter V have been completed – the Displacement Maze will take you from K’nossos I to K’nossos II, the lowest geographical point of our adventure, a place of (some) revelations and also of more mysteries which will, luckily, not take too long to resolve.

More so, the design requires us to keep the backdoor to Chapter IV open so there will be a massive world to explore at this point, which will be expanded further by what we will add in Chapter VI. Appropriately interesting puzzles are being devised at this moment.

This time we will not showcase all the level graphics for Chapter V. The reason is simple – K’NOSSOS storyline hinges on a secret which will (hopefully) stay hidden from the players until the very end of the game and which would, if learned prematurely, spoil most of the fun the game has to offer. We are therefore hiding some of the revealing assets from you in order to make the game worth playing once completed. Same approach will be applied to the remainder of the game.

That’s all for now. Chapter VI ahead.

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