Download VSEVOLOD Prologue for Windows PC

Windows PC only.

VSEVOLOD Prologue is a bite-size preview of what is to some day become a full-fledged classical 2D point-and-click adventure game, similar in style to the best titles of the yesteryear. The game features a unique story set in an alternate history setting in which christianity never emerged, allowing autochthonous European spirituality to shape the culture of the continent.

VSEVOLOD Front Cover

The portion of the game released features detailed hand drawn scenes and characters in 1280×720 resolution, as well as a spell system based on seeking out and reproducing short melodic sequences – not unlike the system used in the classical game Loom by LucasFilm. What else awaits the player is the staple of the genre – dialogues, inventory item manipulation and several mechanical puzzles, deeply rooted in the peculiar lore of the game world.

VSEVOLOD In-Game Screenshots

As of 2020 VSEVOLOD is on hiatus for eight years and counting. As it turns out, the brunt of the work was done by Simon Ketteniss who in later years slowly lost any desire to produce computer games. While I personally am still very much interested in seeing this project completed, depending on what happens in the future it may take one of several possible paths. We’ll see.

VSEVOLOD Official Soundtrack

As is the case with K’NOSSOS, the engine used in development is the WME Engine 1.x.