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Coding Projects

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Front Page K'NOSSOS

K’NOSSOS is a cold surreal adventure game about a man traveling the unknown cosmos, and the things he uncovers on his journey.

Aspiring to reach the standards set by the established classics of the genre, K’NOSSOS is a science fiction point-and-click adventure game which follows the story of a lone passenger aboard a huge interstellar colonization ship traveling the unknown reaches of the cosmos, and the things he uncovers on his journey.

In its essence K’NOSSOS is a progeny of ideas expressed during the golden age of adventure game genre, with gameplay reminiscent of such classic point-and-click titles as Beneath the Steel Sky, Chronomaster, Primordia and The Dig. The game puts equal emphasis on characterization, atmosphere and storytelling on the one hand, and problem solving and challenging puzzles on the other.

Download K’NOSSOS Prologue for Windows PC

To share our vision with you we have prepared a fully completed Prologue of the final game in English which you are free to download via link below (Windows PC only).