Download SODHARA v0.4.6 for Windows, MacOS and Linux

SODHARA is lightweight retro-style sci fi action platformer that puts heavy emphasis on exploration and wears its adoration for Super Metroid proudly on its sleeve.

A project that sprung up from the Udemy tutorial by James Doyle, SODHARA is now being actively worked on as a standalone project. The game features platforming action enriched with exploration of vast 2D levels, not unlike the gameplay familiar from the classical Super Metroid.

The story follows a merc hired by a weapons manufacturer to investigate a lead which could point towards a planet rich with fulmenite, a potent and much sought after resource used in weapons and fuel production. Upon reaching the planet, the merc’s ship is caught in its stasis field and is quickly brought down to the surface. The merc picks herself up and searches for means of escape, but all is not as it seems on the surface of the mysterious planet.

The game features various unlockable abilities the player may use while exploring the environment, including morph ball, ball bombs, spring ball and spider ball, dash, wall clinging, grapple beam and more, all inspired by Samus Aran from Super Metroid.

Environments are filled with various hazards (acid pools and spikes), enemies (three types at the moment) and obstacles that player should overcome in order to collect enough crystals to fuel the ship and take off.

At this point in development the game relies heavily on free assets made by creators across the web (mainly Ansimuz) and temporary placeholder graphics.

Current release is v0.4.6 and is tested to work on MacbookPro M1 2022 and Windows 7 PC. Linux version is also available but it hasn’t been tested as I don’t have a Linux machine yet. Visit the SODHARA page to download and play.