Sights of K’NOSSOS Chapter VI

K'N CH6-03 Featured

Following the lowest geographical point in the adventure visited in Chapter V the penultimate section of the game features the great Assembly Hall of K’nossos as well as one of the lavish mansions situated in the living quarters of the city. In regards of story, some enigmas left over from before are to be resolved and several new ones are to emerge here. The conclusion of the long quest is at hand by now so these will not keep you on the edge for long.


Similar to what we did with Chapter V update we will not showcase the entirety of graphics here. There is a game to be played, not one to be spoiled. Also, it is important to state the obvious – once all the graphical assets are complete, the game is yet to be assembled and thus we are not approaching the finish line just yet… But, it is an important milestone to reach as the graphics are absolutely the most demanding aspect of production so we expect things to roll much faster once that is behind us.

That would be all for now. October 23 is just around the corner and traditions should definitely be kept.

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