Vokalno instrumentalna nastava, prvi kolokvijum

Poštovani studenti, približava se prvi kolokvijum iz predmeta na kojem se nastava održava poštujući aktuelne epidemiološke mere koje su na snazi u čitavoj zemlji. Neobičnost situacije zahteva adekvatnu pripremu te vam se stoga obraćam na ovaj način kako bih vas Read the rest

Vokalno instrumentalna nastava, uvodne informacije

Poštovani studenti, u novu akademsku godinu ulazimo poštujući epidemiološke mere koje su na snazi u čitavoj zemlji, u skladu sa kojima se nastava iz predmeta Vokalno instrumentalna nastava odvija u potpunosti online. U cilju što kvalitetnijeg održavanja nastave u takvim Read the rest

Sights of K’NOSSOS Chapter VI

Following the lowest geographical point in the adventure visited in Chapter V the penultimate section of the game features the great Assembly Hall of K’nossos as well as one of the lavish mansions situated in the living quarters of the Read the rest

K’NOSSOS Chapter V Assets Completed

As I sat down to write this update I checked the date – (almost) 23 August, which makes it three months to date since the last major update. That also makes this batch of assets the one we produced the Read the rest

Transfer Learning, Finding Learning Rate, and More

Training a neural network from scratch is unnecessary in a situation when pretrained models are readily available. This notebook showcases loading a pretrained model directly from pytorch.models subpackage, its subsequent re-training for the specific problem at hand, a method used Read the rest