K’NOSSOS Soundtrack

“…Finally, there is also positive feedback in regards to the audio of the game – it seems that experimental music is not that scary once put into a broader context (which is a revelation for me, to be honest).” (an excerpt from the interview given to Indie Graze)

Even a casual glance at the art of K’NOSSOS gives off a vibe of amalgam of various disjointed elements, brought together by means of palette and general art direction rooted in the works of Kandinsky. The soundtrack is built around the same principles, utilizing recorded samples, classical instruments and amplified guitars to create a soundscape which, in author’s view, brings to mind the images of classical antiquity blended into the desolate visions of abandoned space stations and vast space faring vessels.

K’NOSSOS Official Soundtrack

Just as the game itself, this soundtrack is a work in progress. On its own the music is perhaps a bit out of context – to put things into proper perspective you should definitely download the free K’NOSSOS Prologue and try out the game for yourself.

K’NOSSOS Soundtrack Videos

VSEVOLOD Soundtrack

Initially released in 2012 along with the game, I revisited these tracks in 2017 and gave them a proper mix and master combo before re-releasing them online. Although they were kinda produced in a rush – which is perhaps more audible in Svitava than it is in Underground – they still capture the essence of the short game they accompany rather well and undisputedly have musical qualities that recommend them for listening even detached from the game itself.

VSEVOLOD Official Soundtrack

It’s worth to mention that Underground uses a quote from Three Preludes for piano solo by Milan Mihajlović, my mentor at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad at the time the track was written in 2012. His work greatly influenced me during my study years so this is one of the hommages I made to him in my music.