Waterwood was founded in December 2014 in Novi Sad as an unplugged project performing original music. The lineup included Miloš Aničić (Taboo) from Bor (Serbia), Kirill Boyko (Olympiada, Burek) from St Petersburg (Russia) and Vladimir Chudinov (Acoustic Pleasure, Starlite Band) from Novosibirsk (Russia). During the first six months some twenty tracks were written, joining them as a music collective. While rehearsing, they were on the look out for the rhythm section.

Waterwood – Live at CK13 (2015), Self-released

In July 2015 Waterwood was joined by Marko Golik (The Workers) also from Bor (Serbia), and three months later the lineup was completed with Nikola Pacek-Vetnic from Novi Sad (Serbia).

Waterwood – Live at CK13 (2015)

The band performed live together for the first time already in December 2015 and was fairly active during the next twelve months. In fall 2016 the band effectively disbanded as difficulties in the recording process were met and eventually everyone went on to pursue their personal projects.