In the fall of 2005 Milan Petrović (Brain Core, T’ong) commenced work on a music project that would do best to depict his current views of the world, stripped of all negative connotations and observed through emotions. From the onset the accent was on taking a new approach to music and innovating the expression, all the while striving to preserve the honesty and universality of music, which was the point of the project all along.

HATOR – Live at Gradilište (2007)

Once the idea has taken form Vladimir Miladinov (Šarlah, Skica) joined in and together with Milan they made the finishing touches to the tracks, after which they entered the studio. Great deal of work was done in Vladimir’s ‘Flamenco’ home studio, and the rest was completed at Dragan Alimpijević Pik’s ‘Digital Tone Works’. Financial side of the recording process was the greatest problem, a half of which was covered by Vladimir’s engagement at various construction sites across Novi Sad.

Hator – Organic Fairytale (2007), Self-released

Early fall of 2006 the recording was over and Milan and Vladimir started contemplating on where to head next. Returning home from summer vacation, their first step was to start recruiting musicians. First one to join was Bojan Adić (The Scarlet Box), followed shortly by Andrej Đorđević (Doy MeKokosh, Spiderweb). The band started rehearsing, and, roughly a month and a half later, the last piece comes into place as Nikola Pacek-Vetnić joins the crew.

Hator – Rehearsal at PP (2007)

Following a few concerts during 2007 Milan lost interest in music and the band subsequently disbanded, with everyone involved in the project going their separate paths.